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Teil 1: Praxisteil mit Workshops und Spielfest vom 11. bis 15. September 2014 in Bonn
Teil 2: Theorieteil/Fachtagung 16. bis 18. November 2014 in der Akademie Remscheid

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Aufstieg und Fall der New Games Bewegung.

Wirkung des Spiels im Spiegel der jüngeren Geschichte, Prof. Dr. Bill Michaelis, San Francisco, Ezra Holland, Boston.



  • History/Origins
  • Philosophy: Leadership, Empowerment, Cooperation, Healthy Competition, Player-Centered, Creativity Community, Flow, Adaptation, Joy and more
  • Old vs. New (not about games)
  • The rise and fall of the New Games Foundation: accomplishments, books, products, trainings, festivals, equipment, materials, leaders and more

Did the peace movement lead to no war? Did the green environmental movement lead to no pollution? Did the New Games movement lead to universal love and pure playfulness? NO. Change is slower than needed and the powers of big money/big media, materialism and cut-throat competition are still strong. . . but change is constant …and evolving and there have been MAJOR POSITIVE IMPACTS over the last years.

ORGANIZATIONS (and what they are doing)

  • Listed in our new Leaders Handbook…a few examples
  • Project Adventure
  • Teamwork and Teamplay
  • Playfully Inc.
  • Playworks
  • Playfair
  • The Humor Project
  • Play for Peace
  • Sports for Peace
  • National Play Coalitions
  • National Healthy Children’s Sports Institutes
  • Elementary Physical Education curriculum changes
  • Camp, YMCA, 4H etc. leadership manuals
  • Euro Organizations/I.P.A.
  • Terry Orlick’s work
  • and many more


  • The Leader’s Handbook: Learning Leadership Skills by Facilitating Fun, Games, Play and Positive Interaction ( – listing many, many new books
  • The Trainers Warehouse/training materials
  • Holland and Michaelis: “Can’t Miss Games and Activities for Youth Development” DVD (
  • Play Equipment Catalogs (huge cooperative sections)
    v And many more


  • Cooperative/Collaborative/Conflict Resolution/Anti-Bullying
  • Anti-Tiger Mom/Hurried Child/Overprotected child/helicopter parent
  • Resurgence of Adventure Play
  • Child/Player Centered Play
  • Alternative Sports Movements: Frisbee, Parachute, Spielefont, Festivals, Pop-Up Playgrounds; Flash mobs, etc.
  • Waldorf School Parents (delaying tech immersion for early high touch creativity and play)
  • Adult Unplugging Camps
  • Play Advocacy groups
  • Defending the Early Years groups
  • Facilitative Leadership Applications
  • Recess movement
  • Teambuilding movement
  • Laughter therapy movement
  • I.P.A./Child Advocacy movement
  • And many more


  • New organizations movements and materials
  • Continuous advocacy for positive values benefits of play
  • Political/Policy and educational advocacy
  • Leadership/Facilitative philosophies and applications

Prof.Dr.Bill Michaelis, children together, San Franisco State University, EzraHolland, the Hollandgroup.

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