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Teil 1: Praxisteil mit Workshops und Spielfest vom 11. bis 15. September 2014 in Bonn
Teil 2: Theorieteil/Fachtagung 16. bis 18. November 2014 in der Akademie Remscheid

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S11 - Opportiunities for game and promotion opportunities with climbing and bouldering walls

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Advisor: Bernd Drexelius

Topics for a three-hour workshop:

- Educational aspects of climbing
- Funding opportunities in the following areas: cognitive level , emotional- affective level,
social level and level of perception
- Advantages and disadvantages in the use of climbing and bouldering walls
- Legal framework
- Use of materials
- Games and exercises in the practical application
- Questions and Answers
- Opportunities for training
- Teamwork and cooperation tasks
- Slackline (structure, exercises)
- Building and securing of cable assemblies

Bernd Drexelius , outdoor education teacher
born in 1974

  • Education at the College of Social in Cologne
  • Head coach of the Bronx Rock Climbing Gym
  • Member of the teaching team in the Sportkletterverband e. V.
  • Professor of education and training
  • High ropes course trainer
  • Outdoor trainer
  • Leader of Tree Climbing Park
    Teamwork and communication trainer
    Freelance trainer ( Wantana Group International, Outdoor Unlimited, Abenteuer Pur )

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