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S09 - Marbles roll around the world

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A game that can be played anywhere, at any time and with anyone
Advisor: Monika Knopf

Marble Games are ancient . Marbles were discovered in graves and traditions show that Marble Games were played around the world. But marbles were also an important commodity, shown by the fact that marbles of stones were discovered in parts of the world where this stone does not occur.
Marbles are a grateful material for games. They do not weigh too much and can be taken anywhere quite easily . This handy, versatile and inexpensive material offers more ways to play than many others.
Unfortunately marbles are quite forgotten in our society. They were replaced by more sophisticated game materials. Our grandparents and parents still remember well how important the game of marbles had been for them.
In this workshop we will learn a lot about the game with the funny balls. We will get to know a variety of games, try them out and invent new ones.

Advisor: Monika Knopf
Born in 1962 in Stuttgart.
I live in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. I am an educator since 1984. In 2006 I completed the education as a “Spielpädagogin” at the Academy Remscheid with a book about marbles as a thesis.
For 8 years I have been working on an adventure playground and I am also a swimming trainer and a volunteer in youth work.

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