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S03 - Land art – Games in nature

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Advisor: Anja Folgnandt

Children are active learners. They explore and conquer the world around them. They perceive with the help of their senses and process their perception – they see, hear, smell, taste, fumble, feel. So their image of world is assembling piece by piece. Playing thereby is the most important method, by which they explore and get to know the world and themselves.
Many is predetermined in our society. This is subject to certain norms, rules and specifications. These often serve the children for safety, but limit the free try out, ply and invention.
Many games have a predetermined purpose and cannot be used furthermore creatively. It soon gets boring, because nothing unforeseen can happen. Sooner or later children lose their interest of the toys.
Natural materials however invite children to discover and try out. These materials are pieces of environment, which surrounds the young child and which has to be explored. They don´t have hidden didactic intentions, but rather enable a versatile and exploring use.
In this workshop several games are presented, tinkered and tried out. In the foreground stands experience with the material. We thereby use different natural materials like stones, branches, stalks, fruits, seeds, leafs, moos, bark, etc

Advisor: Anja Folgnandt

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