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F12 - Mobile Adventure Playgrounds

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Staff of the Mobile Adventure Playgrounds Mönchengladbach

In 2005 the Adventure Playgrounds of the City of Moenchengladbach
developed the concept of the Mobile Adventure Playground.
This concept is based on the idea and the offers of the Playgrounds,
dedicatetd to Children in an age between 6 an 14 year, where they can
built shacks or cottages, learn to handle tools, handle open fire, etc.

We bring this idea to the areas, where there is no similar institution
like this - just for half a day or maybe longer (until 3 weeks).

In our workshop we tell you about our material (planks and pallets,
nails and tools), about what else you can offer children in this time,
about calculation, about the right place, about logistic, about public
relation, cooperation with local promoters, etc.

Staff of the Mobile Adventure Playgrounds Mönchengladbach

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