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Teil 1: Praxisteil mit Workshops und Spielfest vom 11. bis 15. September 2014 in Bonn
Teil 2: Theorieteil/Fachtagung 16. bis 18. November 2014 in der Akademie Remscheid

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F08 - Innovation-factory: we invent a game

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Variegating and inventing games
Advisor: Christwart Conrad

Children do not want to be engaged with old and long known games. In this workshop you will learn to invent a new game with just a few materials or to variegate an available game. At the end of the workshop you will be able to identify the reasons for not playing a (particular) game and you will be able to reactivate the fun for playing games.
Starting with a short lecture we will try it on practical examples.

Christwart Conrad

Christwart Conrad is a game inventor since his childhood. He has published his first game 1995. Since then 10 board games has been published by him. He also invents games for groups. Since many years he works in the field of adult education. He organizes and leads seminars and workshops

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