Bespielbare Welt - Begreifbare Welt

Teil 1: Praxisteil mit Workshops und Spielfest vom 11. bis 15. September 2014 in Bonn
Teil 2: Theorieteil/Fachtagung 16. bis 18. November 2014 in der Akademie Remscheid

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The first part of the International Play Congress will take place in the city of Bonn from 11th to 15th September 2014.

Workshops and Play Festival

On the two days workshop Friday and Saturday 27 different workshops are offered that deal with various topics. All contents are relevant to the work with children and young people. Workshops will last 3 hours and are offered twice the same day on demand (application).

At the Play Festival on Sunday 14th September numerous playbusses and other players from all over Germany and the neighboring countries are expected. The game festival will take place 12 to 5 o`clock p.m. in the city of Bonn .

Evening Program

On Friday evening, a 2-hour walking tour in Bonn with a night watchman is planned. More information at Fully booked


For visitors to whole of the Congress arrival is sheduled on at 11th September. ALL guests please go the "Haus der Jugend", Reuterstr. 100 (NOT as announced to the Youth Hostel). The conference office is opened Thursday from 2pm (Friday and Saturday from 8.45am).
Public Transport to "Haus der Jugend":
From Central Station with Tram 61 or 62 direction Dottendorf. The fifth stop is "Haus der Jugend".


Playbusses also drive to the "Haus der Jugend", Reuterstr. 100. There plenty of space for parking is available. A shuttle bus will take you to the hostel .

Registration fee

€ 120 for the congress Bonn ( 11 to 15 September 2014)
 € 60 day tickets only Friday or Saturday for the workshops, including coffee breaks and lunch

Reduced registration fee

  • Members of the ABA Fachverbandes
  • Members of the BAG Spielmobile and
  • The staff of the City of Bonn

€ 90 for the congress Bonn ( 11 to 15 September 2014)
€ 45 day tickets only Friday or Saturday for the workshops , including coffee breaks and lunch

€ 50 food allowance ( 11 to 15 September 2014)

100 beds are reserved for this congress in the youth hostel in Bonn, Haager Weg 42. Please use the online registration form until July 15th if you want to stay overnight in the youth hostel. Single accommodations are possible. Mainly for-bed rooms are available due to the fact that another congress will take place in the youth hostel at the same time.
From July 16th on, no reservation for accommodation will be possible anymore. A direct contact to the youth hostel is possible

Registrations to the congress (also tickets for one day) will be accepted until September 10th.